DIY Valentine's Heart Art Decorations

Valentine’s Day is a day to show how much you love your loved ones, so why not create something HEART-felt? We have 3 creative paper heart ideas that are perfect for sending to friends and family, and they’re super fun and easy to make.

What you’ll need:

  1. Paper
  2. Paint
  3. Pompoms (Psssst…our Yoobi Craft Chest has these!)
  4. Pencil
  5. Glitter
  6. Glue



Painted Hearts:


  • Draw a faint outline of a heart onto paper. You’re going to fill this in with paint and use it as a stencil – you can erase it or cover it up with paint when you’re done. You can also cut out a heart stencil and surround it with your paint.
  • Dip your pompom or pencil eraser in the paint of your choice, and fill in or surround your heart with dots!
  • Let dry.


Pompom Hearts.

  • Follow the same outlining steps above, but this time use hot glue (or school glue) to attach pompoms instead of decorating with paint.
  • Let dry.


Glitter Hearts

  • Use our heart glitter for this one!
  • Follow the same instructions for outlining as above.
  • Fill in or surround your heart with glue, then apply as much glitter as you want!
  • Let dry



Voila! Beautiful heart decorations to send as cards or use as workspace decorations.  Show off you Valentine’s Hearts on social media – be sure to tag us #yoobi!