Every Day Is Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day Friends! Let's be honest, every day is earth day but today lets be extra kind to our Mother Earth.

There are so many ways you can celebrate today, plant some flowers, pick up trash, or if you can take a walk instead of a drive.

Here is a special DIY project that you can do at home with your little one!

Spring is in full swing at Yoobi and we’re feeling all the flower vibes. One of our awesome  followers, @everydaywithindie, created a step-by-step spring DIY to bring a little bit of springtime to your kitchen table. Get your Yoobi markersscissors, glue sticks, and paper and get ready to plant some flowers that need no soil or water. 

Step 1: Print out your Yoobi Plant the Flowers activity sheet and get a separate plain piece of paper. 

Step 2: Take your scissors and cut out the flower pot and flower shapes

Step 3: Color your flowers and flower pot with your favorite Yoobi supplies making sure to color the inner circle yellow and the petals a different color with the stem dark green. 

Step 4: Glue your flower pot to the plain piece of paper first, leaving the top of the pots unglued. Then, plant your flowers by sliding them behind the pot where it is unglued so it looks like your flowers are blooming out of the pot. 

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