An Eggcellent DIY project!

Easter DIY with @ivypinkmade

Decorating and dying eggs can be a super messy craft, but Easter isn’t complete without a little arts and crafts to bring that pastel joy that comes with the season of the bunny. Here’s a DIY by @ivypinkmade that has all the fun of the Easter season but much less mess and when you’re done, perfect to decorate your classroom or home with!   

Let's get started!

Step 1:

Take your favorite cardstock paper in some fun pastel colors, and cut out a bunch of egg shapes. 

Step 2:

Cut out some different shapes your littles can decorate their eggs with and glue on. Then, take your Yoobi bunny highlighters  and markers and add a little flare. 

Step 3:

When the eggs are done being decorated, line them up next to each other and add some hot glue to the back of them. Next, adhere a line a twine on the back of the eggs to make your own Easter egg banner!


We love this DIY to showcase some hard work as well as add cute spring decor to your space. To see more fun DIY crafts check out @ivypinkmade on Instagram!