Featured Teacher Fridays with Kristen Bell!

Saved by the Bell! We’ve teamed up with actress and entrepreneur Kristen Bell and her Featured Teacher Friday program to thank teachers and give back to in-need quarantined kids in a BIG way. We’re also proud to share that, just this month at Yoobi, we’ve hit our goal of donating enough school supplies to impact the lives of 5 million kids!


After spending weeks at home trying to teach our children, while balancing work, it is safe to say everyone could use a little homeschool help to keep the learning, as well as the fun, going strong. Together, Yoobi and Kristen will be providing school supplies to over 37,000 students and their families who are self-quarantined or social distancing themselves, so we can all continue to learn and create from home.


On Instagram, Kristen shared her appreciation for teachers saying, “Teachers are heroes. I have known that in my brain for a while, but right now, I am feeling it a lot more in my bones.” 


The winner of the first installment of Yoobi and Kristen’s partnership was Ms. Kelly, a local special needs preschool teacher from Atlanta who loves and serves her students as if they were her own kids.


Last week’s winner was Ms. Hamblen, a 4th grade DREAM teacher from Chicago who supports children who have had 4+ adverse childhood experiences including the death of a parent, divorce, emotional / physical / sexual abuse, family violence or incarceration of a family member.


Today, we are excited to announce the most recent winner, Mrs. M, a 1st grade teacher who hails from a small district in Michigan that she says has a lot of love! 



As the winners of #FeaturedTeacherFriday, Yoobi is providing each teacher with enough school supplies to help 7,500 students in their district. Kristen Bell will be teaming up with Yoobi for five #FeaturedTeacherFridays to help other teachers provide for their students, impacting a total of 37,500 students across the nation!