First Day of Summer!

School is out, and summer days are officially in session. To celebrate the first day of summer, we are chalking up the block!

There is no better way to spend the first day of summer than outside! We suggest engaging your kiddos with a chalked up driveway playground! Amplify a fun game of hopscotch, by doodling in other rules, like jump in a circle or turn around!

Do the twist! Twister is one of those fun, laugh-out loud games that brings out the kiddo in everyone. Plan an outdoor version outside by turning your driveway into a big twister board. Grab a big circle, like a cereal bowl, that you can use to draw perfect dots with! All you have to do is create a grid, line up your circles and color them in!

Set up shop! Inside every box of chalk is a million possibilities! Your kiddos can use their big imaginations to play ice cream shop or pet store just drawing all their favorite things! After a long day in the sun, some real ice cream would be the cherry on top of a perfect day!

To celebrate this upcoming summer day, is offering 20% off our chalk collection! Be fun and creative with our #chalkplay! Be sure to tag us on social with #chalkplay and have an amazing summer!!