Get Creative With 10 Colors in 1 Pen

While you’re getting your back-to-school supplies set and ready to go, there is one SWEET product you don’t want to miss out on!! Yoobi’s donut decorated 10-color clickable pen is a must-have for this back-to-school season, with ten different colors in one pen! We have outlined a how-to guide so that you can get some crazy color combinations started!

 How to Use Yoobi’s 10-Color Clickable Pen

1. Select Your Color

How to use a 10-color clickable pen

Ten colors mean ten times the fun!!! Select your desired color by pushing down on the toggle and the pen will be released.

2. Get Creative

Yoobi’s new planners and notebooks have color-in pages to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you want to color in or outside of the lines, this 10-color pen has you covered!

3. Changing Colors

Change your color by pressing the top again to release the current color, and clicking the new color down! Keep repeating this step for a quick change color and continue creating. It’s time to let your inner artist shine and put that 10-click pen to use!

You can even fit this into our mini backpack keychain for some quick on-the-go coloring! There are so many reasons why you’ll wanna have this in your pencil pouch!