Get Ready for Festival Season with New Yoobi Goodies

Spring break and festival season are right around the corner. To gear up for the exciting events to come, it’s time to get PACKING with Yoobi’s new stuff. From cool prints to fun pens, our new arrivals are perfect for travel companions or to help with a desk refresh. There are a lot of favorites, so we compiled a list of DO NOT MISS items – because who wants to deal with FOMO?


1. New Print Alert! AVOCADO FUN

yoobi avocado print - shop now!

Our new spiral notebook is everything you AVO wanted! With a brand new PVC cover that doubles as a carrying case for pencils, erasers, and other small items, this is perfect for someone on-the-go. Take the notebook along on your upcoming trips as you jot down notes and organize your itinerary in one.

2. Cactus Pens…Without the Pricks

Yoobi cactus pens - shop now!

Yoobi’s 2-pack cactus pens will be sure to motivate you to whip out that journal and start writing! The cap features arms of a cactus, which you can clip on a small pocket in your purse or backpack so you’ll never have to dig for a pen again! And we’re pretty confident you’ll be asked hundreds of times, “OMG, where did you get those pens?”. You know what to say!

3. Everyone’s Favorite Mini Notebooks are Back

…and in two brand new designs! From our cool cactus (are you catching a theme here?), to a magical rainbow, these pocket-sized notebooks are always up for an adventure. Do you need to keep track of your travel spends or a school supply refresh? Add these minis to your list!

 4. A Pencil Case That Moves When You Do

Even our Yoobi Toucan is ready for spring break. Look closely and you’ll see it skating inside the gel-filled pencil case along with some of his friends. Pack anything from pencils to gum to hair tie – all visibly stored so that you always remember what’s inside!

5. Cactus Peg Board…With the Pricks

Introducing one of the two pegboards this season – completely new to the Yoobi family! With a cactus-shaped board frame and its prickly flower push pins, complete your workspace with the vacation on your mind! Set reminders for yourself or write a little inspirational note to get you through the week.