Give Your Desk Some Love

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, get into the spirit of love by coordinating your desk with Yoobi’s products in classic PINK! Not only will your desk be aesthetically pleasing, but it will also keep your desk more organized overall. Here are some fun-LOVING tips to help you accomplish that using some of our faves!

Keep your pen clutter in a cup to prevent a messy work-space. You’ll love our pink dot printed pen cup. Having an assortment of writing tools in your cup from pink ballpoint retractable pens to assorted gel pens will not only add color to your desk but also brighten up your notes. Multiple studies have shown that different colors help stimulate our senses in different ways. For example, red draws attention so you can use the red gel pen to emphasize the important words in your notes. For general details, use black or blue pens since they help calm our senses.

Mission accomplished – you’ve completed a packet full of important documents. Now what? Sign and then seal it with Yoobi’s pink paper clips or assorted shape paperclips. They come in shapes of stars, bicycles, and more!  Keep your papers organized and together using paperclips that will be pleasing to the eyes.

You have your tape dispenser, stapler, and scissors on hand. Wondering where to store it all? No need to worry because we’ve got you covered with our letter tray desk set – and of course, this is available in pink to complete the Valentine’s Day look. Place them all on the top compartment while keeping your important documents or envelopes in the bottom compartment for the ultimate organization on your desk!

Now that you’ve gotten all of that, your Valentine’s Day desk sitch' is looking fresh! Share how you organize your desks by posting on Instagram and tag @Yoobi with the hashtag #YoobiGives.