Go the EXTRA Mile with Yoobi's Spring Collection

Leave ordinary behind and BE EXTRA this spring! It's no secret that we have always been a colorful company with a community of fun-loving creatives of all ages. So when we were brainstorming our spring collection, we took a look at what makes Yoobi and our fans extraordinary -- and it's that we're fearlessly extra. 

This spring, we're challenging our Yoobi fans to embrace their extra-ness! Take a hard look at your home or dorm desk, and inside your backpack, and be honest. Is it time to upgrade your supplies? Schedule a day of spring cleaning and swap out boring, plain supplies with fun, colorful notebooks, pencil cases, and more! Best of all? These spring items come with a big impact. Each of these new items gives back to a classroom in need so everyone can have an extra special spring season!

Need some inspiration on how to upgrade your workspace? Check out our new video, and make sure to enter our giveaway to win a $75 shopping spree on yoobi.com. Giveaway ends 3/22/2019.

Here is a school supplies list of 10 must-have new items from our #yoobiEXTRA spring collection that you have to add-to-cart before they're gone!

1. Floating Rainbow Ballpoint Pen

This is a pen you'll never let your friends borrow! Be prepared to be mesmerized with the floating rainbows inside this pen, and its silky-smooth writing finish. 

2. New Markers

Visual aids are essential for exam preparation. With two new sets of markers, take flow charts and diagrams to the next level while having fun making studying! Make a bold statement in your planner with our fine tip markers, or practiced calligraphy on your notes with our metallic felt tip markers. 

3. Laptop Case

Us? Extra? Always. Our Extra Laptop Case is perfectly padded to fit a 13” laptop for the ultimate protection whether you are traveling abroad or running to your next class.

4. Coral Palm Document Organizer

Our fan-favorite document organizer got a little spring makeover! Stylishly trendy (coral is Pantone's Color of 2019, after all) and convenient, our document organizer is the perfect accessory to hold your documents, laptop, cell phone, and pens all in one place.

5.  UFO Coin Purse Keychain

Humming to the tune of Ariana Grande's song "NASA", we're outta here with this spaced-out coin purse keychain! Its compact size is travel-friendly and can fit so many mini trinkets. Check out this post to see what you can store in your coin purse. 

6. Sticky Note Set

This set of sticky n otes is going fast! One of our most popular new spring items, deck out your planner or create reminders with these sticky notes. There is a square set of "Now" and "Later" stickies to help you prioritize your to-do's, and small tablet stickies that can act as reminders or bookmarks.

7. Two New Spiral Notebooks

Say goodbye to boring, plain notebooks, and HELLO to colorful and extra! With two new cover designs to choose from, use one spiral notebook for each class to better organize your schedule and notes. The PVC pencil pouch holds your essentials so that you can just bring what you need!

8. Three New Planners

New week, new goals! Gone are the days when you fill up a planner for one month and skip a handful of pages to catch up to the next time you remember to use your planner. Our three new planners feature new cover designs, but the best part is they're not dated. The Yoobi planners feature 12 monthly spreads for you to fill out throughout the year without any restrictions. 

9. Extra Chill Erasers

One for you, one for me, because our four-pack erasers are just enough to share with your BFFs. Give your friends each an eraser that fits their style, or keep it all for yourself!

10. 3-Pack Zip Pouch Set

Two is company, but three is a party! This 3-pack zip pouch set features super extra designs in small, medium, and large. The small pouch can fit erasers, paper clips, and other mini trinkets. The medium pouch can be used to store small makeup items or flash cards. Finally, the large zip pouch can store documents, such as your upcoming school essay!