Yoobi has many different types of ballpoint pens from squishy, multi color, and our classic retractable pens! Below we’re going to be sharing some of our fave Yoobi pens and what you can use them for!

Squishy Ballpoint Pens

Our classic Unicorn Ice Cream Squishy Ballpoint Pen isn’t the only squishy pen we have! Introducing our new cotton candy, banana, cat, corgi, and unicorn squishy pens. These pens are super fun, write smoothly, and are a great stress reliever. It even doubles as a cute desk accessory too!

Multi Color Pens

This next pen is a Yoobi favorite… our 8 color retractable ballpoint pen! All the colors you need in the palm of your hand. Our new pens have expanded on the color selection and have the cutest designs! Our Unicorn and Spider-Man ballpoint pens both feature 10 colors and a cute topper. Great for writing notes and color coding!

Retractable Pens

Next we have our Scented Gel Pens! Our 18 pack of Retractable Gel Pens is the perfect, colorful assortment of pens for all your school work needs. Perfect for note-taking, writing papers, making to-do lists, doodling, and more!

Yoobi Pens