It’s time to get crafty! Happy World Card Making Day!

Today is a special reminder that the sweetest gifts are the ones with a lot of thought and time put into it. Gather your friends and Yoobi supplies to make a card for any occasion!

Whether you want to say happy birthday, thank you, or congratulations.. it's always better when it's personalized and we'll show you how!

What you'll need:

  • Paper
  • Markers, highlighters, or pens

Step 1: Grab any construction paper 

Construction Paper

Step 2: Fold it in half

Fold the construction paper in half

Step 3: Use a Yoobi Gel Pen to outline 

Use a Yoobi Gel Pen to outline

Step 4: Grab your Double Ended Stamp Markers and Mini Highlighters to decorate and write a sweet message!

Yoobi Double Ended Markers

Yoobi Double Ended Markers, Yoobi Gel Pens, Yoobi Mini Highlighters

Yoobi celebrates world card making day!