How to Flair Up Your Denim with Yoobi Pins and Patches

Jazz Up your jean jackets with some poppin’ pins and patches!! Tune in for a how-to guide, laid out step-by-step for ironing on these patches to your denim!

What you’ll need:

  1. Hand iron
  2. Thin towel or piece of neutral colored fabric
  3. Denim item
  4. Yoobi patches

Step 1:

Turn your iron on & set to the cotton setting (NO STEAM!)

Step 2:

Decide how you want to place your patches on your jacket! Try mixing and matching patches by color/shape, or stick to our sets for combinations that are super sweet or totally spaced out! Just make sure to Planet out before you start ironing!!!

Step 3:

Make sure your patches have the adhesive side facing down!

Step 4:

Place a piece of scrap fabric or a thin towel that has a neutral color tone, over the patch. This will protect your patches!! 

Step 5:

Place your heated iron down on the fabric-covered patch, and press down for about 15-35 seconds! (no back and forth)

Step 6:

Let your patches COOL DOWN!

Step 7:

Add on other patches and pins to personalize!! Donut forget about Yoobi’s selection of pins that will really compliment your patches! Strike lightning with Yoobi’s lightning bolt pin, or keep the color crazy with our rainbow pin!

Step 8:

Admire what a jean-ius you are as you rock your new personalized denim