How to Make a Unicorn Gift Set

The holiday season is here! Which means you’re getting things wrapped up, right? Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to make your gifts extra magical this year by turning an ordinary present into a unicorn. Watch the video, follow the steps, and voila! Everyone will be impressed, and they’ll probably want you to wrap everything next year. You’re welcome!

Here’s what you’ll need before you get started:




    1. Place unicorn gifts in a rectangular box (if you have a different shape that’s fine, too!)
    2. Wrap it up in some fun wrapping paper, iridescent and sparkly if you’ve got it
    3. Print and cut out the unicorn stencil with your Yoobi scissors, leave a little extra paper at the bottom of the ears
    4. Trace with colorful markers, add some glitter or stars, and give your unicorn some pizzaz
    5. Folding the extra bit of paper to keep the ears standing up, use tape to secure it at the tippy top of the box
    6. Tape the wavy mane stencil piece under the ears, and the eyelashes on the top half of the box
    7. Add curled ribbon on the right side for a long, luscious mane
    8. And that’s all, you did it! Give to someone magical and reward yourself with some hot chocolate.


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