Impacting The Lives of 2 MILLION Kids!

Raise your hand if you can guess how many kids Yoobi has impacted since our launch in June 2014?

When you’re about two years old, you start learning to count. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9… then just after 10 you start to get lost. The elevens and twelves of the number line are VERY hard to comprehend. Forget about the numbers past 100, and then the really big numbers, like a MILLION for example, are out of this world.

Yoobi is just over two years old…and what’s hard for us to comprehend is the number two…2 MILLION that is. That’s because in just over two years, Yoobi has donated enough supplies to impact the lives of TWO MILLION KIDS across the US! Now THAT is quite an impact for such a young company!

The absolute best part of being a part of the Yoobi family is knowing that with every meeting, every email, every tap of our keyboard, we are helping kids around the country. The COOLEST part though, is getting to see the impact we make in person when we go to a “Give Event”.

Give Events are special days when the Yoobi Team gets the opportunity to go into a school and hand-deliver Yoobi Classroom Packs to children in schools that need supplies most. Usually, we hold an assembly with the entire school to introduce who we are and then deliver classroom packs one by one to classrooms inside the school.

Walking into a classroom with a Yoobi Classroom Pack is the school supply version of Santa Claus delivering a giant sack of presents to a group of kids on Christmas Day. The thrill on kids’ faces is absolutely astonishing – contagious even. No matter how many times we walk into a classroom, we STILL get excited to have the students tear open their box and see what lies inside. When the contents of the box are finally revealed, the screams of joy and the beaming smiles are electrifying – they absolutely light up the classroom.  

We’re SO excited for the next 2, 5, even 10 years to see how many kids we can continue to impact together! Thanks to every single who has ever purchased a Yoobi item, 2 million kids in need now have the tools they need to color and be creative. Tools they need to have the confidence that all children should have to succeed in and out of the classroom. Thanks for being a part of the Yoobi family, and for helping us achieve this AMAZING number.

You BUY, Yoobi Gives… It’s that simple.

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