Inspire Your Students to Think About #WhoWillYoobi

Yoobi chalk is a fun and interactive way to encourage your students to get involved and start a conversation! Get them to start thinking about the BIG picture by joining in on Yoobi #WhoWillYoobi – an initiative that asks kids not what they will be, but the kind of grown-up they envision becoming. We hope to change the way kids start thinking about their future selves. Whether it’s to be inspiring or kind, the possibilities are endless.

Inspire kids with Yoobi chalk play

As a fun classroom activity, find a blank wall at school. Using Yoobi chalk, draw your very own #WhoWillYoobi, round up your kiddos, and encourage them to strike a pose! Parents will cherish the photos of their little scholars for years to come!

Another fun and creative idea is designing a wall mural together! Plan an out-of-this-world theme and save time by drawing with our chalk stencils! Each larger than life stencil allows you to create a city, outer space, and more.

Get creative with Yoobi chalk play!

Just like infinite possibilities a child’s future holds, there are limitless ways you can make your mural stellar!