Let's Get Crafty!

Happy National Craft Month!

Crafting is a fun way to express creativity, spark imagination, and bond with others through art. It is a great time to revisit old crafting activities or learn new ones! There are many ways to celebrate and luckily Yoobi has a fun and colorful craft selection to help you channel your inner artist all month long. In this blog, we will be highlighting Stencil Crafts using our Chalk Unicorn and Chalk Mermaid Stencil Sets!

Each set comes with 6 pieces which includes 5 colorful pieces of chalk and 1 stencil set that relates to the theme of each collection. The chalk pieces are perfect for little and big kid hands making it easy for everyone to join in on the fun. Since springtime is around the corner and the weather will be warming up soon, our chalk sets are perfect for creating a story outside on the sidewalk!

A Unicorn’s Dream

Two unicorn BFFs take a walk on the dreamiest of clouds surrounded by rainbows and hearts. Use your imagination and bring the unicorns to life with our Chalk Unicorn Stencil Set! With 5 colorful glittery heart-shaped chalk pieces, you can create different colored unicorns to tell your story. The stencil set brings ease to chalking up perfect unicorns or you can free hand and let your creativity flow through you!

Magical Mermaids 

Follow a mermaid’s journey through the sea as she comes across beautiful seashells and starfish. Bring this story to life with our Chalk Mermaid Stencil Set! There are 5 multicolor glitter star-shaped chalks to choose from to help you create the most colorful mermaid. The stencils also include stars and a seashell but don’t be afraid to use your imagination and chalk up the rest of the ocean by adding fish, seahorses, and more! 

Now let's get to crafting!