May Brand Ambassador @edventureswithmissjae

Each month we will be highlighting one of our brand ambassadors as they each share their unique story with us! Our brand ambassador for May is Jaelyn Lozano (@edventureswithmissjae) a 5th grade teacher who is a big Yoobi lover and inspired her students to shop Yoobi too! 

Jaelyn Lozano holding 30pk gel pens, colored pencils, and llama pencil case

Tell us about yourself! 

  • Born and raised in Southern California
  • I have 3 dogs
  • I teach fifth grade
  • I played soccer in college
  • I have my undergrad in History and Masters in Education

What is one Yoobi classroom item that you cannot live without?

One Yoobi classroom item I can’t live without is my gel pen carrying case (the 30 pack!) it’s wonderful for grading and taking whole group notes with my students. I use them every single day! To go along with taking notes, the spiral notebooks are so cute and perfect to have!

What got you to start your platform?

The reason I started my platform was to document my teaching journey and post any ideas/advice/challenges I’ve had that could be beneficial to other educators, student teachers, and most importantly for myself to reflect back on.


What is your favorite part about being a teacher?

My favorite part about being a teacher is that I’m always learning something new and I’m always smiling or laughing because of my students. Everyday is different and it’s amazing to be able to witness growth amongst my kiddos. Being a teacher is the best decision I’ve made.

What learning activity do your kids love the most?

One learning activity my students love most is when I teach science. They love hands-on activities and love being able to create their own theories with one another. One activity they loved was when we learned about acids and bases. They had purple cabbage juice as our ‘indicator’ and poured it into different cups filled with baking soda, water, or lemon juice. Each of them turned different colors and they were amazed to see if they were acids or bases!

What drew you to Yoobi products?

What drew me to Yoobi products is that for every item I buy, they give back to children who need school supplies. School supplies are a necessity for a child’s education, and it’s so wonderful to have a company like Yoobi to do just that. 

Do your kids have a favorite Yoobi product?

A lot of my students own Yoobi binders or composition notebooks, but since I use the gel pens for notes, it’s so cute because a handful of them have also bought the gel pens to use to take notes too! My students also have the mini highlighters and use them for when we do ELA!