National Kindergarten Day

The beginning of something very special

Every year on April 21, we celebrate the birthday of Friedrich Frobel. You might not know who this important man is, however, he impacted childhood learning and early education by creating the first kindergarten. Frobel believed that children needed their own space to explore and create - we at Yoobi couldn't agree more!

Frobel opened the first kindergarten in Germany in 1837 - the name coming from  German children ("kinder") and garden ("garten"). Frobel believed, like plants, children need individual care and nurturing and together they make a garden. This was definitely an innovative way to think about learning and it took off!

Frobel trained women all over the world and the first kindergarten opened in the United States in 1856.Today, this critical step of development is part of our everyday education system (also known as pre-school).

2 young kids having fun at school with their Yoobi school supplies

So how can you celebrate National Kindergarten Day?

One way is to thank your teacher - create a handmade card, or lend a hand in the classroom.

Spend a day in a classroom and see what children and teachers experience firsthand. 

Are you a kindergarten teacher? Share your stories!