New Year, More Organized You!

Happy New Year! What better way to ring in 2017 than to set an obtainable New Year’s resolution? Whether it’s to get in shape, or to stop procrastinating, one great goal is to make 2017 your most organized and productive year yet!

We are here to make sure your 2017 is color coordinated, de-cluttered, and organized to give you a great working area.

It’s time to throw out your bills and letters from 2016, and start fresh with a Yoobi Letter Tray to give all your important papers and items a place to stay! This stackable tray set is perfect for everything from your sunglasses, pens, and important mail to keep it all in one place. (This is just the start... Let’s keep organizing!)

Remember those other New Years resolutions you were planning? Well our Sticky Note Dispenser can be a great help! Try putting these on boxes to label everything from shoes to cleaning supplies in your home. Make it any size to fit all your needs!

Make 2017 a year of fun memories, and make sure to document those memories in a Journal! Try to take time to write down moments throughout the year that you want to remember, and find some time of peace for journaling!

Organization can be fashionable too! Try these cute tools like our Pen Cup or Coffee Mug Paper Clip Holder to make sure all your small essentials stay in one place!

Last but certainly not least, 2017 is a great year to find balance in work and life. Place a fun picture with friends on our desk using our colorful Picture Frames to keep a positive mindset while working at your desk!

Let the 2017 New Years Goals begin!! Good luck!

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