4 Fun Ideas for Secret Santa Gifts

Ho-ho-ho let the holiday fun begin! Here’s the holiday breakdown of our most budget-friendly and creative Secret Santa gift ideas for your upcoming gift exchange.

Gift exchanges can be stressful especially during the holiday season. From White Elephant to the traditional Secret Santa, these intentionally fun holiday traditions can sometimes feel daunting. Luckily, we are sharing our best gifting ideas that will bring a smile to anyone. Whether for a colleague from work or a good friend, this gift guide is the passport to sleigh your upcoming exchange. We are staying within budget using gifts under $5, and keeping the spirits high with our roundup. We used our Yoobi zip pouches as the vehicle to hold all of our ideas this year. These fan-favorite pouches will inspire you to get as creative or personal for your gift buddy. Say goodbye to buying another gift card!

Gift exchanges, Secret Santa, White Elephant are all stressful during the holidays. Yoobi is sharing the best gifting ideas that will bring a smile to anyone. For colleagues, best friends, and kids, this gift guide is the passport to sleigh your upcoming party.

Here are our top holiday ideas that will put the fun back in the game of Secret Santa this holiday season!

1. Small Trinkets

These pouches can fit so much more than you think. Small novelty items such as washi tape and 3-D erasers make fun gifts that are unique and fun. 

2. Beauty Products

Small cosmetics are the PERFECT items to fit inside these pouches! From bath bombs to lip glosses, anyone will be lucky to have you as their Secret Santa.

3. Gift Card & Candy

Doesn't it feel awkward sometimes to just give a gift card? Sweeten it up by giving the gift card in one of our Yoobi pouches! Give the gift some bulk by filling the bag with their favorite candy (or an assortment of holiday goodies). The extra thought and personalization will immediately shine when they open it!

4. Toiletry Travel Bags

Fill these pouches as travel bags for anyone who is always on-the-go. It makes traveling effortless and hassle-free with all the small goodies in one place. The pouches can easily fit in any larger travel bag such as a suitcase or a backpack. Keep essential travel items such as mini shampoos, conditioners, and a travel toothbrush all together for the ultimate organization.