So Much Cuteness Featuring Loveable PANDAS!

Since the Yoobi panda made its surprise debut in our new back to school collection, we thought it would only make sense to feature everyone’s favorite cute character! From panda-themed school supplies to the cutest panda bear flair, its panda-monium!!! Make sure to check our favorite panda stuff for a BEARY awesome first day of school.

  1. Panda Pencil Organizer

Who said black and white is boring? This Panda Pencil Organizer is pretty cute AND practical!! With tons of pockets inside, the Panda Pencil Organizer is great for storing your pens, pencils, and other possessions! Plus, the back zipper pocket allows even more space to organize your supplies.


  1. Panda Screen Cleaner Mitten

Check out this adorable Panda Screen Cleaner! This panda item puts the FUN in functional with its cute and cuddly softness and convenient size for on-the-go cleaning! You can use this cleaning mitten to wipe down any screen smudges on your electronics to ditch the dirt!


  1. Panda Mug

Enjoy your morning cup of Joe with the double-faced panda ceramic soup mug from The Steppie! Feeling nerdy one day? Show off that side! Feeling like a jolly ol’ panda the next day? Show off the other side! Whatever you’re feeling, this mug will be there to brighten up your day.

  1. Panda Binder Zip Case

ZIP-a-dee-doo-dah, ZIP-a-dee-day, my, oh my, it’s a PANDA ZIP CASE!!! You heard it right- this adorable Panda Binder Zip Case is from our newest back to school collection, and fits perfectly into your 3-ring binders! This binder zip case is spacious and sturdy, and can hold all your small school supplies including highlighters, markers, gel pens, and erasers! It will be sure to have you singin’ down the hallways in no time!

  1. Panda Pins

Who doesn’t love pins…and pandas? So why not flair out your backpack with some playful Steppie panda pins and show off your panda pride! You can decorate just about anything from your clothes to your bags-  as long as you make it PIN-teresting!

  1. “Panda Bums” Patch Sweater

This sweetheart sweater is oh-so-cute. With back-to-school falling close to Fall (*nudge – get it?), it’ll be time to cozy up in Steppie’s embroidered heart patch sweater that matches perfectly with our Gold & Black Dotty tote bag!

What are your favorite panda items? Don’t forget to enter our Panda Attack Giveaway with The Steppie on our Instagram!