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Yoobi + Starlight Children’s Foundation Brighten Patients’ Days at CHLA

As Seen In: We Treat Kids Better by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

The kids at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles experienced a fun-filled event when Yoobi + Starlight Children’s Foundation brought out Yoobi’s colorful school supplies, American model, Molly Sims, and TV host and personality, Stacy Keibler.

Tables were set up with bright and fun colored Yoobi supplies for our kids to experience and play with. All kids got to take the supplies with them, which included: colored pencils, fun stickers and tattoos, crayons, a pencil pouch, coloring pages and folders. Sims and Keibler immediately jumped at the chance to interact with our patients by coloring with them and asking questions. One fun interaction that Sims had with a patient was when she asked the young girl how old she was and she wittily responded with, “7 ¾.” The same girl put together a very adorable “Thank You” poster to Yoobi and Starlight Children’s Foundation.


This partnership with Yoobi and Starlight is helping to provide free school supplies to CHLA’s in-patient school program in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit—helping our patients’ need to learn and be creative. A total of six Classroom Packs of supplies were donated, which was made possible by Yoobi. For each product that is purchased on, an additional item is donated to Starlight Wish List, who partners with school programs like ours.

“School supplies can be spares, so this donation is so helpful and exciting for us,” Michael Maher, Los Angeles Unified School District Teacher at CHLA, excitedly announced at the event. “After years of working with standard issue school district materials, receiving the Yoobi supplies made me feel like Dorothy stepping into the Land of Oz. I find my students independently reaching out to work with the Yoobi worksheets I place before them on the table. I would like to thank Yoobi for breathing new life into my classroom.”

CHLA’s in-patient school program offers one hour of one-on-one schooling each weekday to the patients that request it. Lessons take place by the patient’s bedside and in the classroom in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit. This program has proved to help kids and families feel a sense of normalcy and ensure that a child does not fall behind on their academic schedule.

Thank you to YoobiStarlight Children’s Foundation, Molly Sims and Stacy Keibler for the continuous support and making those school days a little brighter!