#TCHRPWR: Thank a Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week

Yoobi proudly supports teachers and their students 365 days a year, and this Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re celebrating the incredible powers teachers have in helping to shape our lives and the future of our nation. 

At Yoobi, we believe in superheroes. No, not the kind that wears capes, throw hammers or shoot spider webs. Our favorite heroes have the greatest power of all -  the power to positively change lives. Although you may not know these heroes by name or recognize them on the street, these heroes are hiding in plain sight in classrooms across the country. We call them TEACHERS… and their power is #TCHRPWR.    

We teamed up with six amazing students to invite the teachers that had the power to change their lives to a secret event at Yoobi HQ, and gave them a surprise thank you they’ll never forget.


Now it’s YOUR turn to thank a teacher! Here’s how:

  1. Share the video on your social media and tag your teacher to thank them.
  1. Write your own thank you letter to your teacher with our TY Template. Download it here, then snap a pic of the letter and post it with @Yoobi and #TCHRPWR.
  1. Want to go the extra mile? Record your very own teacher surprise video and tag @Yoobi with #TCHRPWR! 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram because we’ll be sharing photos and stories of amazing teachers on our social all week long. Check out our latest blog posts below for behind-the-scenes details on the students and teachers featured in our video.

Rock on, students – let’s remind our teachers how thankful we are that they changed our lives. 

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