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Teacher Resource: Literacy Matters Foundation

Posted by Yoobi Social on

The Kids In Need Foundation Partners with Literacy Matters Foundation

With the goal to provide students the supplies they need to succeed in school and in life, The Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) has announced a partnership with the Literacy Matters Foundation. Literacy Matters will work with KINF to provide thousands of books for students and teachers in low-income communities. The books will help kids most in need practice their reading skills and develop a love of reading. 

While many students in America have access to books in schools and in libraries, many low-income students have never owned their own copy of a book. Together, KINF and Literacy Matters will provide students with their own books to read at home.

“Literacy is the bedrock of learning and we are so proud to partner with the Literacy Matters Foundation to equip kids with the tools they need to feel confident and successful,” said Dave Smith, executive director of The Kids in Need Foundation. “When children learn to read, their entire world is suddenly filled with new opportunities and adventures. I’m thrilled we can be a part of that process.”

The Kids in Need Foundation will include the book donations in backpacks filled school supplies, so that children can have their own copy of a book to read during the school year. The books will also be available in the KINF Resource Centers throughout the country so teachers can take and utilize the books in their classrooms.

“Literacy Matters Foundation strives to promote literacy and encourage reading one student at a time. We believe that not only should every child learn to read, but every child should have their own books to practice and promote reading regardless of their financial situation,” said Todd Zoellick, president and CEO of Literacy Matters Foundation. “Our partnership with The Kids in Need Foundation will help instill a life-long passion for reading and learning.”

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  • I teach at Edcouch-Elsa ISD. I am very active in our community and I teach students to give back to our community by providing education and services for others in need. We are an active Human Services club who serves our community. My students go out and provide educational services to elementary schools, community events for children with disabilities, and organize a literacy fair for the community. We are asking if you can please help us continue reaching out to our “colonials” in our community. Last year we raised 453 toys in our High school and gave them out to our local child protective services children and foster care children within our community. All these events we do all year long are organized and planned by a group of high school students with my guidance and the support of our community. We are asking Yoobi if you can help us put a smile on these students who are not so fortunate. We want to promote your company and the services you offer to so many schools all around the world. Thank you for your time. Mrs. Mirayda Cerda Edcouch-Elsa ISD

    Mirayda Cerda on

  • To Whom It Concerns,
    MY Grandparents were teachers, my aunts are teachers, my parents are teachers. I have seen year in and year out the amount of personal money that teachers spend each year for their classroom. I would love to see if there was a way to help my fathers school with supplies or his classroom. The children he teachers majority come from low income single family homes. Many dont even come with pencils and paper.
    If there is anyway please let me know.
    Fayeleen Golden

    Fayeleen Golden on

  • My 2nd grade bilingual children will love to have books to take home each day, and practice english literature.

    Rocio Martinez on

  • I love that there are companies like yours that puts our kids first! Thank you for standing up for our kids. My student would love to have books for home and more books for our classroom!

    Gretchen Adu-Gyamfi on

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