Top Easter Basket Essentials

Spring is here and we are diving straight into the season with none other than: Easter baskets! This year we are upgrading your traditional baskets to one that will outshine the rest. Forget the basic Easter basket fillers and choose small trinkets from our new spring collection! You’ll be hop-pily ready to show off your Easter basket to everyone. So, grab a basket and let’s hop right into things!

Check out how you can upgrade your Easter basket for some eggs-traordinary fun! 

Basket Fillers

Let’s start with the basics – there’s no such thing as too extra when it comes to basket fillers. From colorful themed grass from your local craft store to any piece of unused fabric that’s lying around the house, you can make your Easter basket as EXTRA as you want it to be. If you’re short on time, using washi tape is an easy and quick way to decorate your basket!

Surprise Egg Erasers

Surprise! Save actual eggs for breakfast and opt for these erasers instead. Hidden in its own egg shells, these adorable animal erasers are eggs-xellent alternatives and functional! Fill your kiddos’ baskets with these unique Easter eggs to spice up their egg hunt.

Egg-Shaped Chalk

Spring season is all about the weather. And what better way to get them outside than our egg-shaped chalk! These perfect little coloring tools fit easily into your kiddo’s hands and come in an array of colors. After the Easter egg hunt, encourage them to create their own sidewalk art to keep them busy.

Easter Candy

No basket is complete without some sweet marshmallow Peeps. Bring them to life by adding even more of your kiddos favorite candy and sweet treats. If you don’t have time to run to the store, here’s a quick and easy recipe for homemade Easter Rice Krispie treats! Yum!

Coloring Activities

Get your kiddos coloring this season with our FREE printable activity sheets. We have a variety of seasonal and fun activities to keep your kiddos busy. Pair them with colored markers and pencils as the perfect setup for an afternoon of fun.

Sunny Bunny Coin Purse

Add an extra surprise to your Easter basket with our cute sunny bunny coin purse. This handy little accessory is the perfect companion to fit all your small Easter goodies in. Stuff the coin purse with candy and it’ll feel like opening presents all over again!

Sunny Bunny Pen

YAS! Brighten up your desk with our Sunny Bunny pen! It writes silky smooth and you won’t lose sight of this new friend of ours. Just be careful when letting anyone else “borrow” this pen – it may just hop its way out of your sight!

Bunny Ears Keychain

Never lose sight of your keys with our fluffiest product of all! This pom-pom keychain is so plush and adorable! Choose from aqua or purple, or get both if you’re feeling extra festive.

Share with us your creative and fun Easter baskets for a chance to be featured! Hoppy findings!