Updating Your Vision Board for 2020

Did your 2020 vision change? Maybe you were excited to attend an event at school, a concert, or a family event that was canceled. We get it - our plans have changed a bit, too. But it's during these tough times we can learn and grow. Our upcoming year might be different, but we still have time left in 2020, let's make it great!

To step forward, let's make a vision board that is both fun and will put our goals back on track. 


Step 1: Revisit your goals:

Did you set a few goals for yourself back in January? If so, did they change? It's okay if they did, our world is changing right now, and your goals might be changing, too. Take a moment to re-visit your dreams and see what has changed and what hasn't. 


Step 2: Now let's make a list:

Before making our vision board, with your favorite Yoobi gel pens, jot down a list of 5-10 things you would like to do, see, or achieve this year. Maybe you will write, 'Spend more time with my friends,' or 'Score my first summer job.' Either way, make your list personal to you, it's okay to have small goals or big ones.


Step 3: Gather supplies:

Now that you have a list of your dreams and ambitions, it is time to gather up some supplies so you can create your new vision board. Here are a few things you will need:

  • Poster board, or a picture frame
  • Yoobi Tape or glue
  • Yoobi Scissors
  •  Your pictures: (Pinterest or magazines work great for vision boards).

After you are done gathering up your items, it is time to assemble.


Step 4: Put it together:

Here is the fun part, when making your vision board, you will want to make it personal to you. What will grab your attention when you walk by? Do you like big, bright colors? Or maybe you like black and white images? Either way, when cutting out your quotes, photos, and phrases each picture should speak to your interests. 


Step 5: Hang it up and chase your vision:

After pasting your photos onto your board, allow it to dry, then hang it up! Make sure you place it in a spot where you will see it. Maybe for you, this is your bedroom, in your closet or above your desk. You worked hard on your vision board, it deserves a nice display. 


By: Alyshia Hull