We Heart You Puerto Rico: Yoobi’s Disaster Response Continues

About two weeks ago, Yoobi received an extra special phone call inviting us on a Spring Break trip unlike any other. A group of extraordinary individuals would be heading down to Puerto Rico to remind students, parents, and teachers that we’re all in this together.

Yoobi in Puerto Rico

Yoobi jumped at the chance to help schools in need and pledged to roll back our sleeves AND donate Yoobi Classroom Packs to support more than 15k students across the island!

We teamed up with an innovative non-profit organization, ConPRMetidos, local educators and administrators, and individuals who have formerly served as White House appointees, including former U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan.

Our mission? To help rebuild two schools in Cataño.

For two full days, we built benches, painted walls and floors, assembled desks and built play areas. By the time the students of Issac del Rosario Elementary arrived in their school’s courtyard, it was the most colorful and Yoobi-ful celebration we’ve ever seen! There were balloons, signs, and pyramids of Yoobi Classroom Packs – but best of all, there was the unmistakable and excited sounds of 400 students awaiting a day filled with love and hope.

puerto rico disaster relief fund

Yoobi was honored to be a part of the celebration and we reminded students of how truly amazing they are. We couldn’t wait to share that all of them would be receiving their very own, brand new Yoobi school supplies. And when we did, boy, did it get crazy! 

After the celebration, the group of volunteers passed out Yoobi school supplies to the classrooms and had time to connect with students to do some coloring and hear about their big dreams for the future.

We were sad to leave the schools we visited and we’ll never forget all the amazing future leaders, scientists, authors and adventurers we met in each and every classroom. The students were some of the strongest and most resilient kids we’ve ever met and we feel privileged to have visited their schools.

As they reminded us often, Puerto Rico Fuerte!

Yoobi in Puerto Rico

Editorial Note: Yoobi is currently shipping 500 Yoobi Classroom Packs to provide an additional 15,000 students in Puerto Rico with essential supplies that will arrive in the next week. Your choice of Yoobi for your supply needs have made this special give possible. On behalf of the Yoobi family and those we serve in Puerto Rico – Thank You.