will YOOBI mine?

Will YOOBI our Valentine? We've created some very special Valentine's day themed backgrounds to give a fun and festive update to your Zoom and Social backgrounds! 

Sweat Treats Zoom

Sweat Treats Social

We heart you! Zoom

We heart you! Social

Also, since we like you a HOLE lot we've come up with this fun one-of-a-kind valentine that’s sweeter than chocolate! Download our FREE Sweet Treats Valentine Card Template and let’s get started!

Step 1: Download your DIY Valentine Template (along with tons of other coloring and activity sheets) here!
Step 2: Grab the coloring utensils of your choice and make your card bright, fun and colorful! Our go-to’s are brush tip felt makers in multicolor brights or metallic pastels. Super sharp colored pencils and smooth gel pens work great as well!
Step 3: Use Yoobi’s 3D Erasers and a thin piece of string to add the perfect finishing touch to your card. Our Sweet Treats or Unicorns Forever collections are perfect for this activity!
Use a small one-hole punch like the one found in our Mini Supply Kits to punch two small holes in the card, one above the “O” and one in the center of the “O”. Use your string to attach your 3D eraser over the “O” in “HOLE”.
Step 4: Voila! Your project is complete! Pop your masterpiece in a small poly mailer and ship it off to your best friend, family member or teacher! 

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