5-step DIY craft

Yoobi Brand Ambassador @ivypinkmade is a true craft master! (no seriously, have you seen her page??) hailing from the midwest where one can experience a robust fall season. Plus add a little love of hedgehogs into the mix and voila! you are left with this SUPER cute fall diy arts & craft project that you can easily recreate at home in 5 simple steps!

We have a pet hedgehog who loves to stroll among the leaves and that is what inspired us to make this cute fall project - Ivy

Here's the supply list:

Now the fun part!

  1. First step is to cut leaves out of card stock. You can use an electronic cutting machine or scissors.

  2. Next is to paint the leaves and let them dry.

  3. While the leaves are drying cut a hedgehog shape out of light brown card stock.

  4. Once the leaves are dry use glue dots to adhere it on to the hedgehog to create “spikes”

  5. Use a marker to color in a nose and draw an eye.

    Now your cute hedgehog is complete! Also, for all you visual learners we have something just for you! check out this quick how to reel made by the lovely @ivypinkmade

    we hope you enjoyed this project!

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