Yoobi Awesome Downloadable Screensavers

In need of a new snazzy screensaver for your phone or computer?? Get your gadgets geared up for back-to-school with our newest, cutest, screensaver-worthy backgrounds!! All you have to do is pick your favorite, and follow the steps below to get set up!!

 For your iPhone:

  1. Hold down on the desired screensaver and click on “Save Image”
  2. Go to your Camera Roll and find the image
  3. Click on bottom left icon  > “Use as Wallpaper” > “Set”
  4. Rock your new Yoobi Awesome phone background!

For your Computer:

  1. Click on the sweet background you selected to download
  2. Click and hold down the file to drag to your desktop
  3. Left Click the file on your desktop for the dropdown menu
  4. Click “set desktop picture”
  5. Rock your new Yoobi Awesome computer background! 

Pick a matching set for your phone and computer, or change it up and display different background photos! And just like that, you’re Yoobi-fied!!