Yoobi Culture #yoobipassion

2020 has been a year of growth for everyone. It has forced people it look inward, evaluate and question, “Am I living in the best place for me?” “Am I doing a job that fills me?” or maybe even simpler things like, “Am I happy?” Whatever the question is, one thing is for certain; what makes us undoubtably fuller as human beings is following one’s true passion. 

“I decided at 20 years old that I wasn’t happy just making money, but I really wanted to do something that I loved and that I would be excited to do every day” – Chef Daniel Shemtob

Culture at Yoobi is one of the most important attributes when it comes to the company. The family like culture is what makes Yoobi, well Yoobi. Every year, Yoobi has 3 companywide offsites, one of which is literally so off site it might take place somewhere like Montana or Iceland! (and yes, both are past offsite destinations!) and with mostly everything this year, our offsites turned completely digital and took a more interactive route...

As a company we are lucky enough to have such an amazing leadership team that will do whatever it takes (even on top of their own busy jobs) to ensure that the passion and happiness is instilled throughout everyone at Yoobi. Speaking of passion, we had a very notable guest last week to speak AND show us what passion looks like for him. Chef Daniel Shemtob from @thelimetruck gave the Yoobi family a very special live cooking experience and it couldn’t have been more fun! Together as a whole team we all learned how to make the most delicious salsa and chicken tacos and guess what? YOU CAN TOO!


Check out the full video below for a fun and easy cooking class with Chef Daniel Shemtob

 Full recipe can be found HERE