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Yoobi Give Event at Union Ave Elementary School

By Yoobi Social | January 23, 2017 | yoobi gives | 0 Comments

A few months ago, while speaking at a career night at an after-school program in the Pico-Union area, Yoobi’s Chief Giving Officer, Justin Wolff, met a high school student named Yocelyn. After the talk, Yocelyn introduced herself and explained that she had helped start a service club, Le Fe, at her school, and was inspired by Yoobi’s mission to ensure all kids have access to school supplies. Yocelyn said that she had gone to Union Ave. Elementary School, and that many kids who went there were struggling with poverty, language, and few had school supplies to call their own. She asked if Yoobi could give her club a few supplies to donate to Union Ave. So the Yoobi team picked up the phone to find out more about Union Ave…

Fast forward to January 12th, 2017. After connecting with Union Ave.’s Principal, Ms. Herrera, who described the realities her students face every day, the Yoobi team arrived on campus that morning to see if they could bring some sunshine into an otherwise cold and rainy day. Yoobi’s CEO, Ido Leffler opened up the day with a fun assembly for the kids, getting them excited about the supplies they were about to receive. Following the assembly, the Yoobi team took Yoobi Classroom Packs filled with pencils, markers, crayons, glue sticks, rulers, folders, etc. to each of the school’s classrooms, providing over 1350 kids with brand new school supplies. For some, it would be the first time they could call a school supply their own. The Yoobi crew spent time coloring with the kids, then, fighting tears, they thanked the teachers in front of their kids for all that they do for their special ones.

Yoobi has given over 2.1 million kids in the US free sets of school supplies since its launch in 2014. But for the Yoobi team, based in LA, giving in LA brings it all home. As Chief Giving Officer Justin Wolff stated, “There is something remarkable about knowing that we are impacting the lives of those we call neighbors.” Even more remarkable is that nearly 1400 kids were impacted because one girl, Yocelyn, dared to dream about making a difference.

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