Yoobi Has Started a Movement: #WhoWillYoobi ?

One of the most common questions kids are asked, is what they want to be when they grow up? We prompt them to think about jobs, we encourage them to chase big dreams and shoot for the stars. But what if they don’t have the right tools to get started?

Millions of kids in the United States simply don’t have school supplies. Families struggle to get food on the table, so things like school supplies don’t make the shopping list. This means that kids who want to be doctors, or teachers, or president, could be lacking the fundamental supplies to help get them there.

So, in 2014, Yoobi was born to do two big things – make fun colorful stuff that sparks learning and creativity and to donate as many school supplies as we possibly can so all kids can reach their dreams.

In three short years, we’ve donated enough supplies so three million kids have the tools they need to be successful. We’ve gone all across the country to hand-deliver Yoobi Classroom Packs, and every kid we meet has a glimmer in their eye and hopes in their heart that they will be great. And they will. Yoobi believes that. We look around the classrooms we visit and know that right before us is a future president. We see ingenious inventors, philanthropists, and innovators who will bring us together and change the world. The potential of these kids is endless.

And as we continued our mission to provide kids the essential tools they need to succeed, we saw the narrative begin to shift. The question was no longer, “what will you be?” but “WHO will you be?”


Yoobi wants to start a movement that inspires the next generation of leaders. Young people who will value kindness, giving, community, creativity, invention, and care for others. Because we feel strongly that now is precisely the right time to ask a new question.


“Who will you be?”


who will yoobi - aubs

#whowillyoobi - justin

How can you join in on Yoobi's new movement? There are two ways!

1. Print the #WhoWillYoobi downloadable sign below, write down how you will change the world, and share on your social media with the hashtag #WhoWillYoobi.

2. SHARE Yoobi's inspiring new video! Encourage your friends, family, and community to start the conversation and inspire future leaders.

Let’s work together to inspire the future!



giving tuesday - download, print, and share on social who you will be!