Yoobi Highlight: Yoobi Chalk Bucket

How is anyone supposed to choose between a star chalk holder and a tri-chalk holder? Then to have to decide between a stencil pack or the chalk accessory pack on top of it? If you’re anything like us, you have a hard time choosing between so many enticing options.

Choices are intimidating – which is why we created a bucket that includes the works!

Yoobi’s 48 Piece Sidewalk Chalk Bucket has a little taste of all things Yoobi chalk. When you bundle, you save money and you get loads of choices. A Star Chalk Holder AND a Tri-Chalk Holder! Yoobi Stencils AND some Chalk Accessories! With this bucket, the choice is already made for you. It feels pretty good to leave all that decision making at the door!

For the sibling rivalry that doesn’t like to share, this bucket is “chalk-full” of items for them both to enjoy. 

For the neighborhood kids who love playing outside, this bucket will keep them entertained until the street lamps come on to signal the time to go home. 

For the school playground that’s itching for some color, this bucket has plenty of options so all your students will have chalk to play with.

Show us how you color your world! Tag your chalk creations with #yoobigives