Q&A: How Yoobi is Partnering Up With the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation

It’s official – Yoobi is in Canada! And you know what that means, the Give is growing!

We're sure you have questions, and you’re in luck because we have answers about all the Yoobi goodness coming to Canada.

Q: How does Yoobi give in Canada?

A: Regardless of where we go, Yoobi will always keep our simple promise – when you buy, Yoobi gives. In Canada, for every Yoobi item purchased at Indigo, Yoobi will donate a school supply item to a Canadian classroom in need.

Q: What school supplies does Yoobi donate? 

A: Just like in the U.S., Yoobi donates school supplies in the form of a Yoobi Classroom Pack. Each Classroom Pack includes 425 core learning tools – enough supplies for a classroom of 30 students! See the full list of what each student receives, below:

  • (2) 3-Pack of No. 2 Pencils
  • (3) Glue sticks
  • (2) Erasers
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Folder
  • Pencil Case
  • 5-Pack of Crayons
  • 5-Pack of Colored Pencils
  • 5-Pack of Markers
  • And…. Yoobi Stickers!
  • *The classroom also receives a set of 5 kid scissors

Q: Does Yoobi have a non-profit (charity) partner in Canada? 

A: Yes, we do! And we’re SO excited about them! Yoobi, the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation and Indigo (our retail partner) are partnering to ensure that Canadian children at high-needs elementary schools have the tools they need to learn and be creative.

Q: Tell me more about the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation!

A: The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation is dedicated to putting books in the hands of Canadian children. Since 2004, the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation has committed over $28 million to 3,000 high-needs Canadian elementary school libraries, which has inspired over 900,000 students to fall in love with reading.

Q: How will Yoobi and the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation work together? 

A: In support of the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation’s existing programs, Yoobi will provide Yoobi Classroom Packs to high-needs elementary schools in Canada. With the Foundation’s long-standing dedication to inspiring Canadian children to become engaged students, the Foundation is able to identify schools with limited access to fundamental school supplies and who would greatly benefit from these additional resources.

Q: Who gets Yoobi Classroom Packs?

A: For Yoobi products sold at Indigo, Yoobi works with our partners at the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation to identify elementary schools in high-need areas across Canada. Yoobi Classroom Packs will support the Foundation’s existing programmatic efforts to inspire a love of reading in Canadian children. If your classroom or school is in need of books and school supplies, we encourage you to apply for an Indigo Love of Reading Literacy Fund Grant. More information about the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation’s programs is available here.