5 Yoobi Items to Help You Slay Finals Week

Let’s face it. The “IT’S GONNA BE MAY” viral meme is funny until it hits you that May means studying for finals. Before you go scurrying through your notes and try to find one sharpened pencil, we have a piece of advice for you. Why not stock up on some items you haven’t replenished since school started?

1. Cactus Cork Board Organizer

Everyone needs a little reminder, especially when you have five exams in one week! With its red flower push pins, you can write yourself due date reminders or a little inspiration to get through the last few days of school. 

2. #2 Aqua Pencils (24 pack)

Backpack? Check. Notebook? Check. Pencils? Fill in the blanks and fill out your Scantron sheet with Yoobi pencils in everyone’s favorite aqua color!

3. Mini Highlighters

mini highlighters yoobi

Highlighters are to studying as crayons are to coloring. Finals week is stressful enough, so why not study in color? Yoobi mini highlighters may be small, but they come in handy when you need them most. Break up subjects with different colors, and highlight important details that your teacher hinted would be on your exam.

4. Pink Ziggy Composition Book


We thought it was about time the old composition book entered the age of color. Less Harper from RSVP Stationery Podcast even chose our composition book as one of her favorites! With a brand new design called Pink Ziggy, you can zig-zag your way to that A+ with your super note-taking skills!

5. Standing Pencil Case

Gone are the days when you’re digging through a pencil case looking for that one pen. This pink color-blocked standing pencil case is function, fashion, and fun all in one. Its design allows it to stand up on your desk on its own for easy access to all your stuff so you can focus on your exam!