Yoobi Mini Masters: DIY Sensory Glitter Bottles for Kids

Oil, water, and glitter, oh my! Crystal Bowyer, President & CEO of National Children’s Museum, and her son Preston joined Yoobi Mini Masters to teach you how to make your own glittertastic sensory bottle. Sensory bottles are a safe and effective tool to help soothe and calm down your little ones in a fun way!

What You’ll Need:

  • A clear, empty glass or plastic bottle, cleaned and dried 
  • Water
  • Oil (any kind you have will do!)
  • Food coloring
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Glitter (all colors and shapes!)
  • Other small objects you wish to see float and don’t mind re-purposing (beads, small toys, small erasers like Yoobi’s Assorted Food + Animals Erasers) 
  • Glue (liquid, hot, glitter - whatever you have handy!)


Step 1: Pour your water. Fill your bottle three-fourths of the way up with water.


Step 2: Get colorful! Squeeze in a few drops of your favorite food coloring. Don’t be afraid to mix colors!


Step 3: Make it sparkle & shine! Pour in your glitter. Alternate between different sizes for some more texture.


Step 4: Slow things down. Add in your cooking oil and dishwashing soap to start to separate the water. These will create bubbles and suspend your glitter in the water solution. The more oil and soap you add, the slower your glitter will move!


Step 5: Seal it shut. Screw on the top of your bottle and you’re done! To make sure your bottle is shake-proof, use some hot glue to seal the lid shut. 


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