Yoobi Pencil Case Hacks!

Pencil cases are always a favorite during school supplies shopping season to carry the millions of pens and pencils that always seem to get lost within a few weeks, so what else are they good for? Put those empty pencil cases to good use with these creative #yoobihacks! 

  1. Essentials Kit.

Whether you're on a road trip, vacation, or just a day out, sometimes you forget the most important supplies. Yoobi's got your back with this one! Take your empty pencil case and fill it with the essentials like a charger, an extra mask, deodorant, some Yoobi hand sanitizer wipes, safety pins, lip balm, maybe even a snack or plastic silverware for snacks on the go. Then, stick your new essentials kit in the car for whenever you need it!

  1. Makeup Bag. 

Since pencil cases are some of the cutest school supplies and the easiest to organize, they are awesome to use as Makeup bags! Yoobi's pencil organizers even come with multiple pockets for organized storage that are perfect for stowing different makeup brushes.

  1. First Aid Kit.

Pencil cases also serve as great first aid kits. A lot of first aid kits come with not enough or too many of certain supplies, with a Yoobi DIY first aid kit you can personalize your supplies to exactly what you need and organize it to your preference, so you're never searching too long for the right thing!

  1. Travel Set.

If you forget more than the essentials on your next road trip or vacation, use your empty pencil case as the perfect travel set. Fill your empty pencil pouch with anything you might need while traveling, like a mini shampoo and conditioner set, some medicine, a thermometer, antibacterial wipes, etc. You can also include some art supplies with a journal or coloring book for those long hours in the car or airport.



Check out our pencil cases here to try this #yoobihack!