Yoobi Roundup: 5 Family-Friendly Halloween Movies

What’s October without re-watching Halloween movie classics with friends and family? Halloween is such a fun holiday for adults and kids alike that it’s almost imperative to host movie nights watching some of the best family-friendly Halloween flicks. Set your DVR because we’re rounding up our fav spooky movies perfect for all ages!



HalloweenTown Taxi Driver

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We don’t know anyone who doesn’t aspire to be Marnie Piper, the teenage witch in training. She has a super cool grandmother and most importantly, she gets to go to Halloweentown. JEALOUS. Halloweentown boasts some not-so-scary ghouls, and lessons in the unity of family and acceptance. While sitting back with some popcorn, encourage your kiddos to try sketching some of their favorite scenes, objects, or characters!


Casper the Friendly Ghost


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Ever wanted to be BFFs with a ghost? You’ll change your mind once you meet Casper! Set aside some crafts for a fun movie night as you cheer on Carrigan and Casper helping all the ghosts cross to the other side. In the spirit of friendships, make these cute DIY Charm Bracelets for you and your friends while watching the movie!


The Addams Family

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You know the theme song, and you even know the finger snaps. If you and your family have been stuck on what to be for Halloween, we’re sure you’ll feel inspired after watching The Addams Family. From Wednesday’s twisted games to Gomez and Morticia’s undying love for one another, you’ll fall in love with this family time and time again. Create some fun Melty Beads during the movie that the entire family can cherish! Make sure an adult is present to help the kiddos with the iron. 


Hocus Pocus

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Halloween initiation begins with a viewing of Hocus Pocus. One might even argue that you are not a true Halloween fanatic until you have watched this classic. Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson are #squadgoals. Though they may be evil witches, you can’t help but love their unique sisterly bond. Which witch is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Last, but not least, is a Tim Burton classic. The Nightmare Before Christmas is debatable as a Halloween or Christmas movie – so how about watching it on the final night of Hallow’s Eve to prepare for the holiday season? The Nightmare Before Christmas is filled with fun settings and unique characters! Make them even more entertaining by drawing your favorite peeps on a Scratch Art Set. New characters pop out at different times of the movie, so keep your eyes peeled!