Yoobi’s New & Improved Classroom Pack 2.0

We’re excited to FINALLY reveal something we have been working on for the past year – The Yoobi Classroom Pack 2.0! Our give-box of school essentials has all the things teachers and students love and need, with a few improvements.

 What’s a Yoobi Classroom Pack?

To put it simply - it’s a big box filled to the brim with Yoobi school supplies and it contains the most fundamental tools needed for learning and creativity. For every Yoobi item you buy, we donate an essential school supply item to a Classroom Pack. Once the Classroom Pack is filled with enough school supplies for 30 students, we work with the Kids in Need Foundation to donate it to a school in need.

What Inspired the Change?

We work very closely with teachers and principals to make sure we’re donating the right mix of school supplies for the students we’re serving. We listened and learned that with small tweaks in quantity or item type, we could make a BIG difference in our impact on kids.

What’s Different?

For starters, teachers clued us in to how messy glue bottles can get with elementary students – so, we got rid of the glue bottles and added more glue sticks. Teachers also reminded us that when kids are learning to write, they erase a lot - so we added an additional eraser in each box.

yoobi classroom pack


There’s no better moment than when a student shrieks with excitement when they first see their new school supply pack. We want kids to experience this instantly upon opening the Classroom Pack – so we’ve done away with extra packaging (no more boxes wasted inside boxes inside boxes) and kids will immediately see vibrant, colorful school supplies pre-separated into their very own hard pencil cases designed especially for keeping their supplies organized and at the ready on their desks. Improvements for happy students AND a happy planet.

yoobi classroom pack

 What’s the Same?

Each Classroom Pack 2.0 still has the same number of items and supports the same number of kids. Students and teachers also love how colorful the supplies are – and so do we – so that isn’t changing! We also know that teachers are our heroes and we will never stop thanking them. The Classroom Pack 2.0 still includes a heartfelt thank you for all their hard work, from all of us at Yoobi.

Why Does this Matter?

Every day, shoppers become extraordinary change makers every time they pull a Yoobi item off the shelf. Together, we are changing the reality for kids and teachers across the nation. Find out how to get a Yoobi Classroom Pack here

Make today and every day a good day to give.

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