Shhhh! Very important Spy Work in Progress!

Got nosey siblings? A gang of groovy crime solving pals? You need the Yoobi Spy Pen. Exclusively available at Indigo in Canada, the Yoobi Spy Pen lets you jot down notes or letters with its secret invisible ink. Just like a magician, your notes will have you saying, “Now you see it, now you don’t!” In a few simple steps, your notes are really for your eyes only! 

The magic is so easy to use! First, write any secret message you want—you’ll notice that all your letters are immediately invisible (aka snoopy neighbor proof!). 

Wait a sec, then how can you even read your own notes? The Spy Pen has a nifty flashlight that illuminates anything you write! You can read everything you wrote as long as the magic light is shining. You could say this pen gives new meaning to shining a light on the subject! Hint: this trick works best in the dark!

Now that all your secrets are safe and sound, you can rest assured knowing that your notes are under wraps!


Need to pass along a secret message to your partner in crime? The light works on all secret messages so make sure your bestie has the pen too or make sure you pass it along with your invisible message.

Check out our quick video below to see our Spy Pen in action!