Yoobi Teams Up with GoFundMe for Teacher Appreciation Month!

As part of Teacher Appreciation Month, GoFundMe is launching a “We Love Teachers” $100,000 National Contest and partnering with Yoobi to help reduce out-of-pocket expenses for teachers. GoFundMe – the world’s LARGEST social fundraising platform– raised over $60 million to support schools, teachers and students across the country last year alone! Yoobi is SO excited to be teaming up with GoFundMe this year to help the true heroes in our story – TEACHERS!

How does the contest work?

 Campaigns for and by K-12 teachers are eligible to win $1,000, and 100 campaigns will be selected for donations. To be eligible to win a $1,000 donation, campaign organizers must create a campaign on GoFundMe by May 8th and raise over $500 by May 18th. All campaign organizers will also get an exclusive discount on Yoobi.com no matter how much they raise. And the best part? In addition to being eligible to win $1000, the winner will also get a Yoobi Classroom Pack for his or her classroom and their entire school!! 

How can you enter to win? Simple!

  • Register at ‘Start a Campaign’ on GoFundMe (one entry per person)
  • Raise $500 for your education-related campaign by May 18th
  • Get an exclusive discount on Yoobi.com for creating a campaign
  • Follow along on social media as Yoobi and GoFundMe highlight awesome educators and wait to see which lucky teacher and school are selected to win FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

To help teachers fundraise, GoFundMe also released a new “How to Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Teachers” Guidebook so check this out to help create an awesome campaign!

We are so excited to be partnering with GoFundMe and to be supporting teachers all over the United States! Good luck and look out for more Teacher Appreciation fun coming up soon!