3 Tips for Productive At-Home Learning

As parents from coast-to-coast get ready to turn kitchens, dens and living rooms into a classroom, it’s more important than ever to prep, plan and set yourself up for success!  It may appear to be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve got 3 easy ways to set yourself - and your entire family - up for success, no matter how or when your school year begins.


1. Give your kiddos a space to call their own.

Designate a space in your home for learning! Decorate it with tons of bright, fun and colorful supplies and to make it their own personal classroom, complete with all the tools they'll need to learn and be successful this school year. (For supply checklists by grade click here!) Make sure scissors, pencils, pens, markers, a stapler, a hole punch and a printer are all within arms distance. We recommend our Mini Supply Kits to help keep everything they need in one cute and compact case. *Pro tip: invest in a quality chair or seat cushion for your classroom space, your kiddos will thank you!


2. Ditch the Distractions!

Screen time is at an all time high, but you can maximize your school day productivity by keeping cellphones and tablets that aren’t used for learning purposes, out of sight. Let your kiddos know they can get their devices back during "recess" or when the school day is over. *Pro tip: utilize our fun and FREE activity sheets as an easy and interactive alternative to screen-time.

3. Recess is still a thing!

All that concentration is exhausting! Your kiddos will need a break to re-energize (and let's be real, you could use a break too!). Every two hours, take 15-30 minutes to explore the backyard, shoot hoops, or go on a quick walk around the neighborhood. Feeling more artsy than athletic? Express yourself with our favorite chalk products


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