Introducing our November Brand Ambassador, Brigette Ramirez! Meet @teachwithmx.ram who is a lover of school supplies, with Yoobi being one of her favorite brands!

Yoobi November Brand Ambassador

Tell us about you!

  • My name is Brigette Ramirez
  • 3rd year high school history teacher
  • school supply lover
  • Swiftie for life!

What is one Yoobi classroom item that you cannot live without?

I cannot live without the Yoobi Retractable Gel Pens! I use them for grading and I will never go back to anything else. My students enjoy the bright colors.

What got you to start your platform?

I’ve always loved asmr, doodling, and writing. So, I figured I couldn’t be the ONLY one.. turns out, others love it, too!

What are your favorite Yoobi items to gift?

My favorite Yoobi items to gift are:

What drew you to Yoobi products (i.e. the giveback aspect of Yoobi, the styles, etc.)?

There are a couple of things that drew me to Yoobi products. First, I love when companies GIVE back. I’m a teacher working in an underserved community, so I see first-hand the need for school supplies. I have a school supply drawer in my classroom that my students can grab any supplies they need. If they have a friend in need that isn’t my student, they’re still welcome to grab. I appreciate Yoobi for helping students in need. The other reason is the colorful, glittery, aesthetically-pleasing designs!! My classroom is bright and colorful, so Yoobi fits right in!

What is your favorite way to give back to your community and students?

My favorite ways to give back to my students are by providing them a safe place, school supplies, snacks if they’re hungry, and mental breaks.

What is your favorite grade to teach?

My favorite grade to teach is 11th grade. They’re mini adults with a great sense of humor.