Happy National Kids and Pets Day

The Magical Bond Between Kids & Pets

April is a busy month, celebrating so many incredible days - just last week we had National Kindergarten Day AND Earth Day!! These are both favorites here at Yoobi HQ, however April 26th is probably our favorite day in April.

This special day was created in 2005 by Colleen Paige, a former EMT Medic who is now a leading Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert. Colleen created this day to initially bring awareness to picking the right pet for children. Now this day also celebrates the bond pets and children share. Like little kids, animals show us the purest form of love. And we often see that small children and pets share a bond like no other!

The bond between a child and their pet

The team here was excited to share photos of their family pets and of course, we want to share the love with our extended Yoobi family, our customers. Lucy loves her nap time and it's made even more fun with her BFF, Abby.

Yoobi team member's daughter having nap time with her fur family member
Karissa has a house full of pets! And her newest addition, Enzo, is definitely stealing hearts.
Enzo the bunny getting kisses
Normally Dexter is snuggling with family, but on this occasion, he was loving on some Yoobi journals!
Dexter happy with his Yoobi journals
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